Shadow of Power

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The Supreme Court is one of our most sacred - and secretive - public  institutions. But sometimes secrets can lead to cover-ups with very  deadly consequences.  Terry Scarborough is a legal scholar and provocateur who craves  headline-making celebrity, but with his latest book he may have gone too  far. In it he resurrects forgotten language in the U.S. Constitution -  and hints at a missing letter of Thomas Jefferson's - that threatens to  divide the nation.  Then, during a publicity tour, Scarborough is brutally murdered in a San  Diego hotel room, and a young man with dark connections is charged.  What looks like an open-and-shut case to most people doesn't to defense  attorney Paul Madriani. He believes that there is much more to the case  and that the defendant is a pawn caught in the middle, being scapegoated  by circumstance.  As the trial spirals toward its conclusion, Madriani and his partner,  Harry Hinds, race to find the missing Jefferson letter - and the secrets  it holds about slavery and scandal at the time of our nation's founding  and the very reason Scarborough was killed. Madriani's chase takes him  from the tension-filled courtroom in California to the trail of a high  court justice now suddenly in hiding and lays bare the soaring political  stakes for a seat on the highest court, in a country divided, and under  the shadow of power.

Author(s) Book :Steve Martini
Publish Year :1970 Publisher :
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