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The interface is the heart and soul of a video game: it is the integral piece that allows a player to interact with the game. In order to create a great interface, you must carefully plan every detail. "Game Interface Design" helps you outline each step and define the goals for your interface. It covers the interface from the first image that appears onscreen to the information displayed during game-play. You?ll cover basic design and art principles, explore the world of interface buttons as you learn how to create your own functioning button, and find out how to substitute images and icons for onscreen text. You?ll also learn how to incorporate animation and use Flash to create an amazing, interactive interface. Along the way, you'll get a glimpse into the video game industry, including developer and publisher relationships, schedules, budget constraints, and politics of the industry.

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Brent has worked in the video game industry for over seven years both as an art director and a project manager. He has mastered the art of game project management and art direction, managing large teams with up to 27 members, and successfully managing two very diverse projects simultaneously. Brent has experience directing projects on multiple platforms, ranging from Game Boy Color to GameCube. While managing teams, he had responsibilities over wage increases, employment termination, project estimates, and even co-designed several games. He served as the liaison between developer and the publisher on each project. In addition to his leadership abilities, Brent is a talented artist who contributes greatly to production on his projects. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Brigham Young University, Brent has been responsible for the interface design on many successful games. His designs not only look good but also are easy to navigate. Brent has also founded and directed several video game development studios. He currently is the art director at Wahoo Studios. He runs a busy and successful art studio named Bla-Dam Studios and is a co-owner of Furious Games.

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